Music and Event Calendar

Nicholas Bullins, Eddie Atkins, and Gulley 05/26/2018

Sam Frazier And the Side effects 06/02/2018

Eddie Atkins and Company 06/09/2018

Gooseberry Jam 06/16/2018

Mystery Hillbillies 06/23/2018

Alicia B. and The Now 06/30/2018

Hot Trail mix 07/07/2018

Travis Griggs and friends07/14/2018

Grumpy Funk and the City Blues 07/21/2018

Mystic Chicken 07/28/2018

Abigail dowd 08/04/2018

Travis Griggs 08/11/2018

Regal Sloan 08/18/2018

Mike Mitchell Trio 08/25/2018

Sezessionville Road 09/01/2018

Hot Trail Mix 09/08/2018

Pete Pawsey 09/29/2018
















All shows start at 8PM

Tickets may be purchased in advance

Please call 336-593-4733 for tickets leave your contact info and we will return the call.

You may email


Musicians and alehouse proprietors lead complicated lives; it’s advisable to check in advance to confirm engagements.

All events are subject to change so please call or email and we will do our best to accommodate you!!